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ShotOnDesktop  v.1.0 beta

ShotOnDesktop is a small Windows gadget

F@HMonitor  v.1.1

F@H Monitor is a resiable Windows gadget that will show Folding@home tasks progress. F@H Monitor saves its settings to a gadgetname_Settings.ini file location in the %APPDATA% folder. Color changeable for all gadget's elements, include background.

Notes++  v.1.0

Notes++ is a simple application that lets you keep notes. The main difference between this application and the default Windows gadget or Windows 'Sticky Notes' is that this is more advanced. User can make it fit their needs by using the

AnR Server Monitor  v.1.0

The =AnR= Server Monitor is a Windows Gadget that is able to display live game server stats of the =AnR= game servers, which are mainly BC2 ones. Maybe, in a later state, the Server Monitor will be available for all game servers.

Bing Picture of the Day Gadget  v.9

Bing Picture of the Day Gadget is a small tool that will display the daily picture on Bing along with its description. It is also possible to browse through the latest images. And if all this is not enough, the Bing logo links directly to the Bing

FastSharp Gadget  v.

FastSharp is a text editor which lets you quickly compile and run C#,

Desktop Perpetuum Mobile  v.1.0.3

Desktop gadget with wide variety of animated pictures: Perpetuum Mobiles, Hearts, Special Effects and etc. Are you bored with plain computer desktop and looking for the something special? Try Desktop Perpetuum Mobile, the unique computer gadget.

Pink Chair  v.1.0

The unique desktop gadget - Rotating Pink Chair on your computer desktop

FastSharp  v.2.0

FastSharp is a text editor which lets you quickly compile and run C#, F# and Visual Basic code without opening up Visual Studio. The way FastSharp works is pretty simple. It takes whatever you enter and wraps it in a Main method which is then wrapped

Amazon Goldbox Windows Sidebar Gadget  v.1.0

Covers Deal of the Day, and Lightning Deals VERSION: 0.9.9

Woot! Windows Sidebar Gadget  v.1.0

Supports wootoff, images, crap autobuy, update checking. VERSION: 1.3.1

Photo Gadget Viewer  v.2.0

Photo Gadget Viewer is free to use Windows program for browsing through digital photos. It's fast in opening files, offers thumbnails view and works with keyboard shortcuts and mouse wheel. Supported formats include JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, and TGA.

Lottery Results Gadget  v.

Like most Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets, the software installs in the span of a few seconds, and then opens as a small, unobtrusive mini-application in the Sidebar area. But it would be a mistake to judge the Lottery Results Gadget by its size S it

AOL Search Gadget for the Yahoo Widget Platform  v.1

AOL Search Gadget for the Yahoo Widget Platform 1 is a functional tool which makes it simple and convenient to easily search the Web from your Windows desktop. The AOL Search Gadget also shows you current AOL Hot Searches, providing you with

Jamendo Gadget  v.1

Jamendo Gadget 1 is described as an easy-to-use and beneficial gadget which lets you enjoy Jamendo from the Sidebar.Requirements:Windows 2000/XP/VistaGoogle desktop 4 or

Operating System Gadget  v.1

Operating System Gadget 1 is described as an unique and handy gadget which displays information about the operating system.Requirements:Windows XP/VistaGoogle Desktop 4 or

Language Translator for Windows Sidebar  v.

This is a 43-language both-way translator gadget. Language Translator needs to run in the Windows Sidebar, it is more convenient than any separate translation software or widget. Free for download and using. Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese

Sundial Gadget  v.1.0

Desktop gadget (Windows only). The simulation of a real horizontal sundial, dependent on a geographic position (latitude). Size can be chosen between big and small. It can use current (computer) time, or user-specified

Black Hole Gadget  v.1.0

Black Hole Gadget is a gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar that allows users to delete files and folders permanently.

RPN Calculator Gadget  v.1.0

This is a calculator that uses the outstanding way of entering numbers HP uses in their calculators, called RPN, Reverse Polish Notation. It is designed a really minimal calculator implemented as a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista.

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